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Here at Hog Haven we want to make sure we give you the best hunting experience we can. We have compiled a list of questions and answers that you may want or need answered.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, we would be happy to answer any of your questions in person. Just call us at 304-532-6015 or email us at info@hoghavenwv.com.

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How much will a hunt cost me? 
Hog hunts are $475 and up and Ram hunts are $475 and up, according to the size of the animal you kill. 

2. What equipment do I need to bring?
Bring a firearm or bow of your choice and dress according to what time of the season it is. Camouflage is preferred. 

3. What times of the year do you do the hunts?
We do our hunts year round. Call to schedule!!

4. Do I need a WV hunting license or permits? 
No. We are a private reserve so no permits or licenses are needed.

5. Do you offer hunting for handicapped individuals? 
Yes. We are happy to offer hunts for all hunters. 

Can I hunt on weekdays or is it weekends only? 
Call and set up a time and we will work it out. We can schedule a hunt for during the week or on the weekend. It is at your convenience. 

7. Do you offer overnight accommodations? 
We do not, but can recommend several nearby hotels and motels. 

Is this a guided hunt, or am I on my own? 
It is a guided hunt. I have a ranger that we will go back on the property with and then we will decide from there where best to start your hunt. 

Is there more than one hunter on the property at a time?
I have only one group at a time, depending on the size. It is just you and the hunting partner that you bring. There will be no one else on the property besides the hunters and myself. 

What happens if I only wound the animal?
Hog Haven WV has a draw blood policy. We will make all efforts in recovering your trophy, but if you draw blood your hunt is complete.

Do I need to field dress the animal once I have finished my hunt? 
No. Hog Haven WV will take care of this. 

Do you skin the animal or do I? 
Hunters choice. I can skin it or the hunter can. 

3. Do you charge to quarter the animal for transport?
Yes. There is a $50 charge for this service. 
4. What if I want to have the meat processed? Do you have someone you recommend? 
We have Deer Legg’s Processing at Rocky Fork Road (304) 766-5717 that we highly recommend. The hunter can make his own choice about where they want to take it. 

What if I want to have the animal mounted? Do you have someone you recommend?  
Yes. TNT Taxidermy, located in Sandyville, WV. We can contact them and take care of getting the animal to TNT’s for you.  Hunter’s choice about mounting though. 

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